Saturday, October 29, 2011

Rooms Available -- Book Now!

About a year ago, my small group at First Baptist Church of Oviedo encouraged us to take a Spiritual Gifts Survey to see how we can best serve the church. My results were interesting, but not surprising, ranking highest in administration, teaching, and hospitality. If you’ve spent much time with me, you’re probably grinning as you read this. I have an unusual affection for spreadsheets and checklists, I actually enjoyed (and sometimes miss) teaching middle school English for five years, and nothing makes me happier than planning a party, hosting girls’ night, or having friends over (for cupcakes, of course).
I was overjoyed to use my talents at planning to prepare my home for our first set of visitors. Matthew’s grandmother, mother, and youngest sister came to visit for a week in October. A mundane grocery list takes on a higher calling when you’re planning meals for family you haven’t seen in months!
Top on our list of sights is Stadsparken, the city park across from our house. The trees are ablaze with red and gold autumn leaves, something my Florida eyes can’t seem to get used to. We also explored the nearby city of Gränna (population: 2600, about half the size of my high school!) where peppermint rock, locally known as polkagris, was invented.
Gracie and GG (Great Grandma) playing with the iPad


Joy in Gränna

Though our time passed altogether too quickly we enjoyed sharing our new home and acquaintances with them. Gracie loved having new people to play with during the day and I enjoyed having some extra time for a nap! I hope these pictures have encouraged you to book your visit at Villa Furulid.  We would love to have you stay with us!  And I promise to make some tasty food while you’re here!
Breakfast included!

Dinner is also included (We're practically a resort!)

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