Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Little Potty Humor

During the past two weekends we’ve stayed close to home to explore a bit of the local attractions Jönköping and neighboring Huskvarna (the city where Matt works) have to offer.  While we enjoyed what we saw and I took lots of beautiful pictures to share, I’m just too tired to write a sufficient description for you, so I’m saving them for another week.
My exhaustion is due in small part to the nonstop work that is potty training.  After several conversations with fellow MOPS moms (oh, how I miss MOPS!) that were simultaneously laugh-out-loud funny and distressing, we decided to go with the bare-bottom method.  Of course, this helped initiate the timing of our adventure; if I’m going to have a half-naked rugrat running around the living room I have to do it before it gets too cold. 
After surprisingly few accidents, and virtually no prompting from me, Gracie is now able to determine when she needs to use the potty and get herself there in time to do so.  Our quick success is due in part to a savvy real estate negotiation.  We now have a hot pink princess potty adorning the center of our living room.  But, better a plastic potty that a puddle, right? 
We’re also moving on to thinner and prettier butt-covers.  Why wear unflattering Pampers with that telltale sag when you have a drawer full of princess panties to coordinate with every outfit?  And yes, they have to match the outfit or she won’t wear them.
Eventually we’ll get to the point where we’re living totally diaper free, but we’re still not quite brave enough to leave the house without some assurance of absorbency.  Diapers also still show up at naptime (Why? She naps on a white couch!) and bedtime.  But cutting down to two or three a day is doing wonders for my budget.  Gracie may yet have a shot at a college fund.
Though it sounds silly to ask, please pray for perseverance and patience for both Gracie and myself. It’s exhausting and exciting watching your little one grow up, and it does funny things to the way your brain works.  I leave you with this incredibly inept parody that I’m sure makes Robert Frost turn over in his grave.
Whose seat this is I think I know.
It sits beside the TV, though;
She will not go in the bathroom
Where toilets flush and water flows.
My neighbors all must think it queer
To see my daughter’s little rear
Dancing naked inside my house
But it’s a sight I find quite dear.
The seat is plastic, pink, and bright,
And though a decorator’s blight,
If she will use it, it’s alright,
If she will use it, it’s alright.

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  1. I read your post and it was as if I was reading my own current experience. We are in exactly the same place as you with the potty training. Canyon spends a big part of the day half naked, just waiting for that moment of need when he will run to me saying "mommy, I got to go potty". The only difference is I tried the potty in the living room and it doesn't work, he wanted to go like mommy and daddy - in the big potty. So we race off to the bathroom where he sits percariosly on the big potty and does his thing. He tells me before hand how many poops he is going to do in the potty and will not get off untill he has done them all - it is actualy quite funny. At the moment he prefers nakedness to big boy underware but with the help of jelly beans, he is accepting the fact that he has to have them on at least part of the day. Naptime, Bedtime, and when we go out still require a pull up but he will now sometimes tell me he has to go even when we are out. I will pray for you, if you will pray for me! :)