Monday, August 22, 2011

Vi har kommit till Jönköping!

Well, we have officially arrived in Sweden, though I can’t tell you with 100% certainty what day we arrived. I’m pretty sure today is Monday. My laptop tells me that it’s 3:45 am, though I know from the glow of the digital alarm clock and happy feeling in my stomach, that it’s nearly ten and I’ve just finished breakfast.  I would love to write all the delicious details of our nearly 20 hour journey, but my brain is lagging (at least) 6 hours behind and I haven’t had time to process everything yet.  For now, some of the highlights:
My daughter is a blessing. I would write this anyway, but I am tremendously proud of her and thankful for the sweet spirit God has given her.  She travels like it’s her job.
If you’re going to fly to Europe, fly Lufthansa.  They take especially good care of families.  (Now show some appreciation, dear readers, and book a flight at to come see me!)
I am too tall to sit comfortably in economy class.
When it’s lunchtime in Frankfurt, it is 5am in my stomach.  Wurst is the worst (sorry, I had to) at 5am.
Driving through Sweden is like traveling through a postcard.  This may be the most beautiful country I've ever seen.  (Sorry Germany...)
Matt and I have separate beds at our hotel in Jönköping.  Maybe we don’t look married…?
I got to SKYPE with my parents from the hotel! If you've got jetlag and you're awake at 2:30am, don't waste it!
Oh, and Swedish food? Our hotel has a breakfast buffet with your typical European fare… fresh, organic cheeses, meats and rolls, fruit s and vegetables, cereals and yogurts, boiled and scrambled eggs, bacon, meatballs (nothing says “Welcome to Sweden!” like meatballs on the breakfast buffet) and… caviar in a tube.
Thank you so much for your prayers, I know they went straight from your hearts to God’s ears!  I will keep you posted on our progress as we transition from hotel to house.  Please pray, especially for Gracie, that it will go smoothly.


  1. Oh I love reading this! I'm going to totally live out your life through your blog for the next six months! You are a great writer also!! Praying for ya'll! Love, Laurel, K, P and H

  2. So glad all went well, I certainly miss you already, but am so happy for you all! Hugs for Gracie! Love, Babita