Sunday, August 28, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Why is it always so late when I finally get around to writing? I live in fear of becoming known as the former teacher who blogged with glaring grammatical errors; becoming the poster child of America's failing school system, mocked and ridiculed for a comma out of place or a word misspelled.  I'm probably exaggerating, but I do implore you to forgive any errors you may find here.  Inaccuracy and imperfection are merely the byproducts of exhaustion.

I was laying Gracie down for bed this evening and I realized that we've been in Sweden for one week.  In one week God created the entire universe from scratch and found time to evaluate his work and take a day off to enjoy it.  The evidence continues to mount that I, in fact, am not God.  In one week, all I've managed to do is fly to a new country, move into a furnished house, decorate said house (after three trips to IKEA... more on that later), unpack our clothing and shipment of supplies, and purchase groceries.  And I am WIPED. OUT.

However, I do want to show off some of the results of my efforts here.  Our home in Sweden is beautiful. We are blessed to be renting the house of another SAAB employee who has moved his family to The States for the next year.  The house is on a hill in a lovely area of Jönköping, right across from a city park with a phenomenal view of the lake.  We've enjoyed the sights and animals in the park on several occasions (when we weren't at IKEA or unpacking boxes) and I'll share pictures on my next post. 

Enjoy the tour!

This is our house.  Note the open windows.  It was 73 degrees with no humidity yesterday and today.  We're enjoying the weather while we can!

Close up of the front door.  We may be bringing this door back to Florida with us.  Isn't it pretty?


Hall Table

Formal Dining Room

Our library/office.  The window seats in the corner are my favorite.  Today, Gracie and I snuggled there and read three Dora books together. (And I am currently typing this blog from the corner.)

The piano was a lovely surprise!  I set up a play area for Gracie downstairs.  The doll is Pippi Longstocking, a gift from the family we're renting from.

Our living room (featuring my Pottery Barn pillows)

My favorite spot in the house!


Another view of the kitchen.  I'm still getting used to baking in Celsius.

Top of the stairs...

Guest Room Number 1 (Hotel McCutchen is open for business!)

Guest Room Number 2 (seriously, we're taking reservations...)

Master Bedroom (with my bedding from the states and my favorite stuffed animal)

Our windows and closets

My Closet

*Tiny* Bathroom (and just one shower in the whole house!)

Sharing a sink with Matt for the first time in five years...

Gracie's Room

"Kitchen" play area in Gracie's room

She knows where to find her toys!

Our backyard (this is actually just one side, but the other side isn't as interesting)

Gracie on the deck

As you can tell, we are very comfortable in our new home.  God has certainly gone before us, and as usual, out-blessed my expectations.  It's been a busy week (to say the least) but we are settling in an adjusting well.  I'll post again in a few days with some stories about our early adventures here in Sweden!


  1. So happy all is well and all is so beautiful. You are truly blessed and loved by God. I love your house! I wish I could afford a stay at Hotel McCutchen, but the cabride is too expensive!!! Love you!, 'bita

  2. Christina, this is beautiful! How fun to be able to stay in such a gorgeous home, in a gorgeous location. What a blessing!

    Beth Anne

  3. The house is beautiful! Looks like a model home. :) So excited for you guys! What an incredible journey God has for your sweet family.